Filter Cleaner and Degreaser

LoChlor filter cleaner & degreaser for pools & spas.

Strong Organic and Inorganic Compound

Active Ingredients:

175g/L Inorganic Acids
825g/L Organic Solvents

Proprietary blend which removes grim, organic build up and CALCIUM SCALE unlike most other filter cleaners on the market


24 hour application.
Enhances chemical performance.
Prolongs life of filter media.
Advanced formulations for the cleaning and degreasing of D.E. filters and cartridge filter grids.
Also used for all types of sand filters.
Removes grime, dead algae, oil, organic deposits as well as scale and unwanted metals.

Dosage rates

Cartridge & DE filters:
Mix 1 litre to 50 litres in a garbage bin, bath or similiar.
Soak for 24 hours then hose off.

Sand filters:
Mix 1 litre into a bucket of water, remover filter valve or cover, and pour directly into sand bed. Allow to stand for 24 hours. Then backwash & rinse throughly. Do not pour difectly into the pool.

Hot tips for pool professionals

D.E. and Cartridge Filters: Best results will be obtained when the soiled elements are hosed before cleaning to remove as much debris as possible. Also hose well before re-assembly.

Never add this product to pool water.

Lo-Chlor recommend that filters be cleaned regularly.

Sand filters at least twice a year.

D.E. and cartridge as necessary.

Make filter cleaning part of your regular winter shutdown maintenance program.

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