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After shocking a hot tub can you use it?

After shocking a hot tub can you use it?

The big question asked by many.  After shocking a hot tub can you use it? and how long do i have to wait ? Those with their own spa are probably well aware of the shocking or oxidizing process helps to clean your spa. keeping free from bacteria and those nasty germs.

The truth be told there is no set time to wait before or After shocking a hot tub can you use it. Most state as a recommended that you wait between 20 minutes – 24 hours.

  • Using a low or non-chlorine based shock treatment it is best to confirm the correct balance by using a tester strip. You can travel to your local pool retailer and request the water sample be tested professionally.
  • A non-chlorine base treatment being applied  to your spa can be used  straight away after applying to your hot tub it.

Spas offer a range of health benefits, but must be taken care of properly. Shocking your hot tub correctly otherwise they can be hazardous to your health.

let’s dive into the shocking process and understand what should be done. The benefits and how long you need to wait to use your clean new spa!

Understanding the shocking process

Adding chlorine or any other chemical to your spa water to begin the shocking process turn the water cloudy. Always check the chemical balance with test strips to ensure you have the right pH level.

If the pH level is too high, you can add more of your chosen chemical to reduce it and calcium level in the water.

You can opt for a powder or liquid form for the chemicals you are using to shock your water to help prevent algae and other harmful microorganisms.

Shocking your spa water not only helps to remove organic matter, but it can also aid in the eradication of disease-causing germs.

Shocking your spa – step by step

  1. Check the chemical levels in the water with the help of a test strip. And ensure that your pH level is between 7.2 – 7.6
  2. Check the chlorine level in the water aiming for a reading of 10 pm
  3. Add your chemicals and leave the cover off of your spa. Allowing the gases produced by chemicals to be released.
  4. If you are using chlorine granules it is recommended to wait for 24 -hours for them to completely dissolve. (turning on the jets will speed up the process)
  5. Remember to always read the manufactures recommendations and conditions of use before applying any chemicals to your hot tub or spa.

From here you need to ensure that the chlorine level has dropped from 10 pm to 5 pm or below, once this happens, you can jump back into your hot tub and enjoy the clean water!

The benefits of a shock

Your hot tub shock performs three main functions:

  1. Removes organic contaminants
  2. Shampoo, lotion, makeup, sunscreen, hair, and whatever else your body has come into contact with are left in your tub and multiplied by the fact that more than one person is likely using your hot tub.
  3. You can reduce this by showering before every soak.
  4. The sanitizer in your spa will also help, but after a while, it fades, and contaminants will build up. So you will need to shock the hot tub again

Kills bacteria
Nasty bacteria can cause illness, and hot tubs are incubators for three specific types, Pseudomonas, Dermatitis, and Legionella.

None of these are good news. A spa shock will kill anything that might be in the water before it has a chance to make you sick.

Removes chloramines
As the chlorine in your spa does its job and disseminates, it produces waste products called chloramines. A hot tub shock eradicates chloramines which helps you to breathe easier in your tub.

Shock types

Here are the two main types of spa shock you should be considering. (only use chemicals labelled specifically for hot tubs)

  1. Dichlor (sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione)
    the Dichlor shock can be added directly to the water and contains a small amount of cyanuric acid, making it stabilized. This will hold up against your spa’s heat and do an adequate job at keeping your tub clean.
  2. Non-Chlorine Shock
    This is not a disinfectant but contains the common active ingredient, potassium peroxymonosulfate, which is a very effective oxidizer. If you use this weekly, it will rid of organic contaminants keeping your water clean. If you use chlorine as a sanitizer, this shock will activate the type of chlorine needed to kill bacteria.

Need a little help?

The team at Ezy Spa are hot tub experts give us a call for all of your spa needs. We’ll help you ensure that your tub experience is the best it can be. Including products and relocation’s, of your new or used spa.

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