27 Mar

Can You Run a Spa Cold?

Everyone Having a Tot Tub Can Enjoy the Benefits of a Hot Tub Even in Summers as Well

Many people in summer like to take a soak in the early morning and the evening when the temperature is usually low. This soaking refresh people in the morning! so that they can start their day with a fresh mind and relax their muscles in the evening after a long tiring day.

Nowadays! many companies are offering hot tubs with a cooling system to make it possible for you to enjoy soaking in cold water in hot weather. The spa with a cooling system drops down the temperature of water at a comfortable degree. When you want the water to become warm you can turn on the heater to increase the temperature of the water. In this way! you can enjoy hot and cold water whenever you want a soothing massage.

It is also worth mentioning! that not only hot water helps you feel relaxed but cold water also does the same. When after a long tiring day! you take a soak into the cold water! the cold water helps to reduce the swelling of feet caused by standing or running all the day and also make your muscles relaxed.

Set the Temperature and Wait Till the Water Cools

You just need to turn on the display. Set the Temperature and Wait Till the Water Cools.Use hot tub cover to maintain the temperature of your spa. The cover works as an insulator that does not allow heat to enter or exit. If your hot tub is placed outside then you must keep it covered all the time when not in use so that it does not end up with dirt.

If you are in a rush and do not want to leave the house without taking a soak? and you have lowered the temperature. But still it is taking time to reduce the temperature of water? then turning on the water jet can be a useful trick. The water jets force the water to circulate! the more the water circulate the more it drops the temperature.You can also put ice bags into it if you are in too much hurry.

All spas have their temperature limits which are usually 104-degree Fahrenheit. It’s a high temperature and people usually do not go to that high temperature. Every spa manufactured company recommends that the temperature of the spa should not surpass 100⁰F. If you are using your spa in winter then lower it as down you can comfortably plunge into it.

These temperature limitations are for adults. If your kids want to take a soak then an adult should low or high the temperature. Do not allow kids to change the temperature of the spa.
If you are in a hot tub and want to change the temperature of water i.e. hot to cold or from cold to hot. Then it is recommended not to change the temperature quickly. As it may damage the efficiency of the heater.

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