27 Mar

How Long Does It Take to Fill A Spa

Hot tubs provide multiple amazing benefits to its owner and in return. the owner has to take good care of it especially when filling it with water because there is a chance that you might damage the components while filling. So! it is better to read the instruction manual before filling it. Every spa takes time to fill.

There is no specific time length for the spas to be filled with water. The time spa takes to fill depends on many factors such as the size of the hose pipe. Pressure of water and most importantly the size of the hot tub. The hot tubs are present in different sizes in the market and the size of the accessories comes with it also depends on the size of the spa.

When you buy the spa for the first time. You must read the instruction manual because without reading and understanding the instruction manual you can’t run the spa properly. According to spa experts. The average time to fill normal-sized spa is 1-2 hours but it depends on many factors again.

The pressure of water is the very first thing you should check before filling the spa. If the water pressure is too low! then your spa will take more than average time to fill up to the level.

On the other hand! if the water pressure is too good then it will fill the hot tub quickly. Maybe before the average time i.e. 1-2 hours. The time your spa takes to fill significantly depends on the pressure of water.

The Size Of The Spa

Secondly! the size of the spa. If your spa is of smaller size and holds water capacity less then 200 gallons! then it will take less time to fill depending on the pressure of water. If you own a large size tub that allows space for eight persons. Then it means your tub is holding more than 300-gallon water capacity. This large size hot tub will take 2-3 hours to fill to the approximate level. The smaller the hot tub the less time it will take to fill.
A third and very important factor is to check whether your spa is fixed or portable. If your spa is fixed and is connected with your property water connection! because if the water is coming from the property connection then! it may take less then average time to fill the spa because it is usually observed that property water comes with good pressure.

So it will fill the spa quickly as compare to the portable hot tub which needs a hosepipe to be filled at maximum level.

If the hose pipe you are using to fill your portable spa has a narrow opening or comes with the small nozzles then! wait for more than 1 hour to fill it with water because small nozzles do not allow water to come out with good pressure. The hosepipe with wider holes takes less time to fill the spa with water.

Keep in mind that hoe pipes come in different lengths. So if your hose pipe is long! the water will take time to reach from start to where it ends.

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