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how to measure spa cover

How to Measure a Spa Cover ?

Spas and hot tubs come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from compact two-seaters to large 12-seater models. If you are looking to get a protective spa cover fitted to your spa, it is vital to get the measurements just right to make sure you get a good seal and to keep out insects, pests, and rodents.

Spa cover

Spa cover serves several important functions in responsible spa care, including maintaining cleanliness and hygiene as well as providing a safety function.

A well-fitted spa cover aids in:

  • Keeping out dirt, debris, and organic matter when the spa is not in use.
  • Insulating the spa and stopping heat from escaping, reducing energy consumption.
  • Ensuring, wild animals, pets, and children do not fall into the spa when unattended.

A well-fitted pool cover also reduces water loss via evaporation due to outside temperature variation and sun exposure.

How to correctly measure your spa cover?

To accurately measure up your spa to have a custom cover fitted, you will need some basic tools. Things you will need include:

To make the job a little easier, and to guarantee accurate measurements, it is also worth employing the aid of a helper.

If your spa has square corners, then you may get away with just needing a tape measure. However, many spas baths on the market have rounded edges. A carpenter’s square will make this job easier by giving you a square point from which to measure across.

You will want to make absolutely sure your measurements are as accurate as possible. Custom spa lids can be expensive, and you don’t want to waste your money or face the embarrassment of an incorrectly measured spa or hot tub cover.

A good tip before we cover the method of measuring your spa lid is that you are better off measuring a little oversize than a little undersize. This will ensure the cover will fit, even if your measurements are slightly out.

Taking your spa cover measurements

measuring your spa or hot tub for a cover isn’t hard, but you do want to take your time and get your measurements as close as possible to ensure a snug fit. 

If your cover ends up too big, then you could lose heat and water retention, as well as leave an opening for dirt and pests. Measure it too small, and the cover won’t be usable at all.

1. Measuring your hot tub

You will want to measure your spa from the outer edge of the fiberglass or acrylic surface, including any external flares or lips that may obstruct your new cover.

If your spa or hot tub has rounded corners, as many do, then it may be worth adding a half-inch extra on both length and width measurements to guarantee the fit isn’t too tight.

This is where a helper comes in handy to ensure your tape is kept in the right place; you don’t want your tape slipping and throwing off your accuracy from point to point.

2. Measure the corner radius

For spas with a square edge, then this process will be as simple as measuring the outside edge of your spa, giving you your radius measurement.

If your spa has rounded corners, your set square will help you find where the square corners would be. Place your set-square on the outer edge of your spa’s corner. 

The inside point of your set-square is where the corner would be if not for the rounded edges. If you can get your helper a second set square to use, then this will make your job even easier.

3.Skirting measurement

Most spa lids have a skirting or flap that hangs from the bottom of the cover. The skirting provides added protection from dirt and debris during strong winds and weather, as well as an added barrier from pests like insects, and rodents.

The standard length of spa cover skirting is three-inches below the outside edge of the cover; however, this may vary depending on how your spa has been installed. For example, if your spa is set into decking, the skirting may have to be customised to provide a snug fit.

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