26 Mar

Is It More Efficient to Keep Your Spa Hot, Or Heat It Up for Each Use?

Keeping Hot Tub Running 24/7

Many people think that keeping hot tub running 24/7 is a waste of energy. But the fact is you are saving electricity by keeping it on all the time! because every time you turn it on after some days? the heater will use much energy to reach temperature set by you. So! it is better to keep your hot tubs on all the time because they are designed to keep it on all the time. Moreover! this will help the spa to get hot quickly as compare to the spa that was turned on from cold. In this way! you will not only save your time but energy also.

One of the reasons behind keeping your hot tub on 24/7 is the physical property of water. The water takes time to heat up. The large spas have more water capacity. This means the larger the amount of water the more time will it take to get hot. And if you are living in a cold area and you are turning it on from cold then you have to wait for a day or more to get it hot. It means your spa is continuously working hard to attain the required temperature. So! it is obvious than turning your spa off is not a good idea it will cost you too much.

Spa On For 24 Hours Will Cut Down Its Life

Many people have fears that turning spa on for 24 hours will cut down its life. Well! keep in mind that spas are designed to be at ‘on’ position 24/7. They come with a lot of features that help them to be in a running mode which also aids in cutting down the cost of electricity. This will happen only if you buy an advance technology tub because the only expensive one will keep your temperature and electricity costs need satisfied.

The expensive hot tubs with advance features have more efficient heaters and are made with multiple insulating layers then the cheaper hot tubs. But many companies are producing great hot tubs at cheaper rates! so before buying any hot tub spend plenty of time in research.

Obviously! sometimes you need to make it turn off. Especially when you feel that hot tub needs cleaning. The cleaning process can only be done at off position. The other times when you are going out for vacations! or you feel that you will not use your hot tub for many days. Maybe because of the change in the outside temperature. Also perhaps because hot tubs are mostly used in winters then drained off the water. clean your tub thoroughly! do not forget to use chlorine or other chemicals to keep it safe from germs.

It is recommended to call professional services to clean your hot tub because they know how to clean the jets, the water pipes so that you don’t face any problem when you turned it on when you want to. Another important thing after cleaning the hot tub is its safety, cover it with lockable cover if it is placed outside the house.

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