Important Information

  1. First, obtain the dimensions of the hot tub you are planning to purchase. You will need to consider the Spa Hot Tub will be delivered on its side on a custom built dolly.
  2. The minimum width of a pathway that is needed is 1.0 metres depends on a spa measurements to enable us to deliver a Hot Tub on it’s side without damage to either the property or to the Hot Tub.
  3. Height can also be an issue, extra 30cm must be added to the longest dimension. If your Hot Tub is 2,100mm x 2,100mm, when it is on it’s side on the dolly it may stand 2,400mm high. Any obstructions will have to be removed to allow access.
  4. Also you must consider that the trolley is not flexible and will need a wide turning area to negotiate any corners.
  5. Steps, uneven surface, incline, decline, steep driveway can also be an issue as Hot Tubs are heavy bulky items that can be very difficult to transport up & down steps
  6. Extra men power will be needed if needing to get a hot tub up or down several steps or in some situations we can use hiab crane truck to lift spa over the fence etc…..

Be sure to reference the simple diagram below for some of the most important things you should check before calling us. Of course if you’re not sure, just give us call and we can assist.

Most Common things that we would need to know:

  1. Exact Spa Dimensions
  2. Site Access at pick up ? (check ” site access requirements ” )
  3. Site Access at delivery ? (check ” site access requirements ” )
  4. Height restrictions
  5. Width restrictions
  6. Surface to be traversed ( grass, concrete, dirt, sand…. etc)
  7. Any Incline or Decline ?
  8. Steps ?
  9. Pick up and Delivery address ?
  10. Preferred Date