looking at buy a used spa great!
How much do you know about this Swim spa or Hot Tubs? or Swim spa or Hot Tubs in general? lets us inspect this spa for you! we can inspect and advise in a written report of any obvious problems or any potential faults.
Take away the worry having us inspect and provide or knowledge to help you from buying that lemon. Perhaps you bought at Swim spa or Hot Tub that requires our restoration service, all your spa problems solved in one place, i’d call that taking the Ezy way.

What we Need to Complete this service ?
Well we can complete a more detailed inspection if the Swim spa or Hot Tub has water still installed or power still connected.
Because sometimes this is not an option due to a Swim spa or Hot Tub being sitting or not used for sometime.
Also Swim spa or Hot Tub may have been emptied of water and had the power disconnected for safety or other reasons.
luckily we can still complete this inspection with the above power and water not being available.
However this does make it more difficult if the Swim spa or Hot Tub doesn’t have water or power connect as we cannot test the heater pumps or control system live.
But we can still check for obvious signs of previous water leaks or pumps not working or even if the pumps leaks.
There is always signs of pumps overheating previously or have had too much chemicals being used in the past.This adds to the conditions of jets, pumps and heater conditions which can cost you the new owner a considered amount of money in repairs.

What We Can Provide For You!

  • From this service we can provide you with an overall or detailed inspection depending if the Swim spa or Hot Tub has water and power and advise before you purchase that used Spa.
  • If a obvious fault is detected we can provide you with a quote to replace that part with either a new or second hand parts.
  • Because you are about to spend a considerable of money on your new item that at least you want an ideal if it works or is what the old owner has stated it is.
  • We can provide not only this pre- inspection for you but if there is an issues we can also provide a cost and a solutions to solve any issues if one is found.