Hot Tubs are wonderful to have around, great for Relaxation and healing, but they don’t always last.

Most of us think we’re going to repair or fix that old Spa that is broken, but instead they sit around for years and years and eventually turns into an eye sore or just become a pile of junk taking up valuable real estate.
That’s when you call Ezy Spa Movers to handle all of your Spa Removal needs.
We Specialize in Swim Spa and Hot Tub demolition and removal from the basic cut up and remove to the arrangement of a crane to lift and dispose of that old Spa.
Most people either buy or rent houses where there is already a Spa left behind, and nine times out of ten it doesn’t work.

How Our Hot Tub Removal Process Works:

Well if you are one of these people that needs to remove that Hot Tub or Swim Spa then we can help.

The team at Ezy Spa Movers deal with Spa Removals and Disposals on a regular basis, so we know what we’re doing.
Instead of letting that old hot tub turn into an eye sore and becoming a nuisance, just give the Ezy Spa Movers a call.

The team at Ezy Spa Movers will take the Swim Spa or hot tub from wherever it is at your home, reclaim that valuable space.
We will completely dismantle and remove it, using all available methods to minimize any inconvenience and minimize mess .
After we finish removing, the hot tub, we will remove everything relating to the spas removal, lids and steps, disposing of the remains in a verify registered landfill site.
That old hot tub or Swim spa will be nothing more than a memory.

When Removing Your Hot Tub We Always:

  • Offer free estimates.
  • Remove the hot tub from wherever it is.
  • Arrange the crane and the logisits.
  • Do all the lifting and loading.
  • Dispose of responsibly,safely and cost effective.