Booking Fee 

Ezy Spa Movers will require a booking fee for holding a delivery spot or a holding fee,  for used spa customers.

On acceptance to engage either by variable or in writing customers accepts that they have read and understood all Ezy Spa Movers terms and conditions and are willing to proceed under these terms and conditions. 

This is required at time of booking or included in invoice . This will hold the delivery time slot and is not repayable if the customer changes mind or decides to use another contractor or if we arrive on site to perform a relocation and site is not accessible due to any reason other then Ezy Spa Movers error. If delivery is completed then this is included in the ordinal invoice amount.  


Once quotation has been accepted an invoice will be generated and payment in full must be recieved before delivery can be finalized. Any unpaid invoice or invoices  means that the delivery cannot be continued until full payment has been made. Storage fee’s maybe relevant if the invoice remains unpaid. If the invoice remains unpaid after three months Ezy Spa retains the rights to sell the property or item or items to recover it costs including all recovery legal costs once finalized then return the remaining balance back to the relevant persons involved if any. Customer is to provide clear access to the item in question which is to be recovered with out malaise or legal action and allow full access and assistance to recover its costs.      

Customer Requirements :

Ezy Spa Movers use photos as a guide only to provide a fair and reasonable quotation for delivery into position as per customers request. Photos can not be used against Ezy Spa movers to provide an absolute indefinite quotation that covers all aspects of a customers site installation or site access or to cover any possible interference from personal property or assest or unforeseen obstructions or any thrid party equipment that maybe required to complete the installation of the spa to be delivered as per the customers request.

 Customer to ensure Spa will actual fit into area described. And that they have checked all requirements to ensure spa will fit into position first time. Customer is required to supply safe and assibilate access without causing damage to customers property etc. tiles, flooring or any other material that Ezy Spa Movers is required to travel over while installing or delivering a customers spa into the customers desired position as per their request.

 Customer is required to provide clean access for all of Ezy Spas equipment to provide safe and undamaged access to customers personal property. etc. removal of rocks personal items, Plant equipment, plant material, and all other material not mention here.               

Provide all reasonable access details and photos of desired location including both pick up and delivery sites for spa delivery.

Ezy Spa Movers reserve’s the right to determine if the site access or transportation requirements are unsafe to proceed. If deemed unsafe Ezy Spa Movers will abort or place the spa in a safe secure location. If Deem unsafe by Ezy Spa Movers staff, then the job at hand will then be treated as if the customer has not prepared the property as per Ezy Spa Movers requirements for safe passage or not provided all the relevant site details for staff equipment, Staff personal and customers personal property and for health and safety reasons.  

All booking fees will still be payable and all thrid party contactors fees if relevant are still payable directly to relevant parties. Ezy Spa Movers are not responsible for any future third party contractors that the  customer may deem necessary to engage after the fact to complete this traction.   

Customer is to provide clear and aceturate size and weight of spa or hot tub being transported. Ezy Spa Movers are in no way held responsible financially or in any other manner for customer error, or if customer has not provided clear clean and prepare area for the installation of the Spa or Hot tub. This includes as mention earlier the removal of gates fences ,or all other material not mention here. plant material and plant equipment. 

Customer has checked and confirmed Spa or Hot tub will enter into required location without the removal of loose items or removal of fixed items etc.: doors, gates, fences, pot plants, furniture’s.    

Ezy Spa Movers or any of its parent companies or affiliates cannot and are not held responsible being, financial or for repairable action for any second hand spa or used spa while in transit or while in Ezy Spa Movers procession.

Ezy Spa Movers provides quotes being over the phone or in writing are a guide only and are for a one attempt delivery only.

Rebooking Fee.

If the spa is unable to be installed on the first attempt of delivery, or if it is found that the spa will not fit or there is an obstruction or incorrect information has been provided, preventing the placement then an rebooking fee for a second attempt of placement is payable to Ezy Spa Movers cost will be determined at time of first delivery.    

Ezy Spa Movers uses photos as a guide only and cannot not concluded actual measurements or if the spa can fit into required position from photos or from customers directions.

Insurance coverages

Ezy Spa Movers Insurance covers thrid party property while in transit. Ezy Spa movers insurance does not cover used or new spas while being installed into customers requested positioning into rear of yards or backyard properties. Ezy Spa Movers or it parent companies will use it’s own discrepancies if they are at fault or have cause damages to a thrid parties spas or relevant item in transits. If the customer has not supplied safe clean and accessible access or not complied with our requested site conditions or not made safe and clear passage for Ezy Spa Movers to complete its tasks as requested then no financial or replacement cover or claim will be recognized or paid. 


Extra Time Required On Site

If it is required to either wait for items to be removed or customer is not available at either the pick up or drop sites. Requiring staff to wait for more then 30 minutes then an hour rate will be charged starting from the first arrival site time. hours charged for two staff members will begin at $180 per hour.

If staff are required to remove items to ensure spas desired position etc. doors, gates, fences, pot plants, furniture’s. then the hourly charge fee as detailed above will come into effect.   

Third Party Contractors

Ezy Spa Movers will engage third party contractors needed to compete the delivery or positioning of the spa, etc. Crane operators. These third party contractors costs will be forwarded to the customer and payable either directly to the thrid party contactor or to Ezy Spa Movers as required depending on prior arrangements. Ezy Spa Movers does not include thrid party contractors in its delivery costs unless prior arrangements have being made and advised on quoted invoices. 

Delivery costs are always payable to Ezy Spa movers even if the third party contactors are required at a later date from ordinal delivery support.

Or if the crane has been deem necessary to complete the delivery after first attempt has failed.   


If required Ezy Spa Movers can hold your Spa for a period of time without charge (48hrs ) if the spa is held for any reason other then Ezy Spa Movers being unable to deliver then, an storage fee will be chargeable relevant to the period of time held and size of the spa being held, this is non refundable. 

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