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What Should Form the Base of My Hot Tub?

Many people ask the question “should I have a concrete slab for my spa?” As experts in everything hot tub related, Ezy Spa dive into the best base options.So you’ve made the decision to indulge a little and increase your enjoyment at home by adding in a hot tub. Great choice, but now you are stuck with the logistics and questions like, “should I have a concrete slab for my spa?”

As the hot tub moving experts, Ezy Spa can help shed some light on this topic and ensure you are best-positioned for maximum enjoyment of your new spa. Let the below information help with your initial research and feel free to contact us if you would like to know more based on your specific situation.

What is the best base option for my spa?

The simple answer to this question is anything that provides both a solid and flat surface. The most crucial point is that your base offers a foundation that is strong and cannot move. There are several issues with a base that is not reliable and robust, including:

  • The voiding of your spa warranty
  • Cracks in the shell due to movement and stress
  • Unnecessary leakages
  • Discomfort when sitting in the hot tub
  • Extensive costs of repair should something go wrong after installation
  • Easy of removal should you no longer wish to have a spa

A general rule for regular spas is the provision of a base that can support 500 kg per square metres and 1000 kg per square metre if you are considering a swim spa. It is always a good idea to undergo a pre-purchase inspection before making the significant investment of a second hand spa.

Ideal hot tub surfaces include:

  • A concrete slab: The most reliable option, best suited for spas that require a level base of 100mm (4”) minimum thickness with F72 mesh dependent on the soil conditions). If dealing with a more extensive swim spa. You will need 150mm (6”) minimum width with reinforcing mesh (consult a specialist about your soil type for swim spas)
  • Pavers: This solution is not appropriate for all situations however if used. You need to ensure the pavers are flat and bedded with a concrete or cement mixed base
  • Compacted Granite: This option along with Crusher Dust can be used as a solution for your base, however! it will need to be prepared in a way that does not move
  • Timber Decking: Another popular choice due to the provided aesthetic. This option is suitable as long as you have had a builder or engineer confirm the timber is structurally sound and able to handle the weight per square metre. When dealing with a timber deck. Tt is vital that support for both the external edges and the footwell (centre) of the spa is provided.

Where is the best location for my spa?

Your hot tub can be placed inside or outside. However, outdoor tubs should be placed near the area you will be socializing. So people in the tub aren’t tucked away from your gatherings. You will likely use your spa more if it is in a prominent position. You’ll also want to consider the logistics of filling or draining your spa.

We also recommend that you don’t put your hot tub too far away from your house. As it can be a long, cold walk to get dry, go to the toilet or to grab something from the fridge. Many of our clients also prefer that they have a little privacy! from sight lines of the neighbors for their spas as well.

If possible, you also want to shield your tub from cold winds with a blind or wall or position it under some top-cover for shade in the summer or rain in winter. This can also help to keep the water in your hot tub clean.

If I want a portable spa, can I add it to my existing deck?

This is possible! however, you will need to confirm that the spa has an appropriate amount of support underneath. Not just by the lip. It is vital that your design allows for access to the equipment that sits inside the spa cabinet.

Depending on the model of hot tub you choose! be it new or used, it is likely that all sides will have some form of fitting that has the potential to leak. This makes it imperative that access is possible all around the spa. Or alternatively! you have the ability to move the spa if necessary.

If installing a portable spa into an existing deck. You will need to include trap doors or ensure you have access from underneath the deck. In the event that you need to remove the cabinet panels. Many people make the mistake of covering the panel screws with deck framing. Making it near impossible to access when needed.

The minimum space required around your portable spa for access is 600 mm. However! space of 900 mm is preferred. Your spa supplier will be able to assist you with alternative solutions should your access be restricted.

For more information, let the experts help

If you are looking at new spa options? or you need to relocate an existing one. leave the task to the experts for complete peace of mind. Since 2009, Ezy Spa Removers & Relocation has been delivering new and used hot tubs for a range of the largest retailers in the industry.

Winners of the 2016 award for best contractor of the year by the Swimming pool and Spa Association of Australia. Ezy Spa offers outstanding service! safety standards, and a high quality of work for our satisfied customers.

Our moving equipment can move your hot tub or swim spa in the safest way possible. Ensuring that you won’t run into base or leakage issues down the track. Speak to us today as having Ezy Spa on the case means you’ll be able to enjoy your hot tub with no fuss for many years to come.

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